Approximately 400000 passengers are arrived and departed from al najaf international airport during 40th event period this year

Approximately 400000 passengers are arrived and departed from al najaf international airport during 40th event period this year

The operations center at the al najaf international airport announced 1614 flights which was carried about 400000 passengers during 40th event period of this year . The flights scheduled 199401 as arriving passengers and 199486 as departing passengers.

The total number of passengers and flights recorded elevated figures according to the iraqi civil aviation authority.

Training department proved a training course to airport ‘s employees about SITA system

To develop the aviation culture for the employees who work at the check in system precisely. training department in Alnajaf international airport with Al Arabia operator for civil aviation , proved training course for Departure control system type (SITA) or Societe international telecommunication aeronautics which is global famous system . 

So its very important system to global civil aviation operators to deals with it . 

Statistic for Jul. and Aug. 2018

AL NAJAF Airport had been recorded the last statistic for flights and passengers at july august 2018.

The statistic registered 1816 flights dis embark passengers 225334 , and the opposite embark passengers had recorded 229521 from different countries .
So Alnajaf airport published his readiest to receive the millions of passengers in religious events .

Training curse security

For Developing the security sense for Al Najaf International Airport staff , Training and Development Department held training course with the Qatar Airways, this training course produced yearly in all airports on this world so its very importanrt course to airports staff

Dangerous goods training course

The training and development department at Najaf International Airport provides a training course for specialists in the transportation of dangerous goods at the airport   This course includes how employees treat hazardous materials and things that can cause damage to air traffic at airports

Important clarification

Because of the failure to pay the dues owed by some of the Iranian airlines contracting with Najaf International Airport, which forced us to take the necessary legal procedures against them, including stop for flights through the airport or pay their debts.
We have informed the General Establishment of Civil Aviation, the Iranian Consulate and the Mahan Company. In turn, the General Establishment of Iraqi Civil Aviation has sent a letter to the companies to pay the dues they paid.