• Pigasus company is responsible for air cargo in Najaf International Airport , which contracted with the airport to take care of this task
  • Pigasus receives goods that are shipped by air through multiple airlines, after inspection and inventory of the goods, the goods are stored until they are received by their owners
  • Pigasus impose competitive fees on goods calculated by weight, as shown in detailed in the pictures below
  • Pigasus puts other charges on storage calculated by weight and as detailed in the pictures below, note that the first day of receipt of the shipment will be free and the receiving day is free too
  • Documentation fees are calculated for each shipment by 15 $ for one time
  • Goods such as foodstuffs and others must be inspected and quality controlled usually have a delay in delivery to the customer because they are sent to the capital Baghdad to be checked, and after receipt of the result of the inspection received to the customer.


For information and inquiries, please contact the Picasso office within AlNajaf Alashraf International Airport:



Phone: +964 773 285 3444