Before Your Departure

The following steps can guide you before your departure:

  1. Going to the first checkpoint and show your passport or flight ticket to the security guards
  2. Stopping the vehicles for visual scan by the airport guard
  3. Going for personal inspection of passengers by X-ray, metal detectors and cars also will be inspected by K9
  4. After completing the inspection, go to the departure terminal and the passenger must following these steps:
  • Going to the passengers counter services to enter his/her name and then ship the bags and take the “Boarding card”, all of these steps are done after knowing the counter number of the trip through the information display screens in the departure terminal.
  • Going to the passport counters after receiving the “Boarding card” to verify the passenger’s information and visas and seal exit from Iraqi territory.
  • Going to the final checkpoint for people and hand luggage.
  • Going to the Lounge waiting, and to know the gate of the trip, please pay attention to the voice calls inside the terminal in addition the flight information display screens.
  • Going to the gate of the passenger trip and wait for the private bus to take passengers to the plane after cutting the “Boarding card”, Please keep the passenger’s small card and give it to the flight attendants to guide the passenger to his/her seat.